Sustainability at
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We are dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection, implementing eco-friendly initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. We use renewable energy sources and focus on waste reduction, making a positive impact on the planet and offering sustainable investment opportunities.

Our Commitment to

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies practicing corporate social responsibility (CSR) prioritize social and economic impacts, considering stakeholders' interests. This includes employees, clients, local residents, suppliers, government, and investors, ensuring responsible decision-making and a positive influence on all affected parties.

At Invest Islands, we align with the definition of CSR from the book "Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Best for Your Company and Your Cause" by Nancy Lee and Philip Kotler, which defines CSR as a creator of value socially, ecologically, and economically, known as the three Ps: People, Planet, and Profit.
CSR permeates a company's operations, from procurement to marketing, production, and human resources. It addresses social concerns across all business aspects and involves collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, and external organizations.

For us, CSR is an ongoing process, not a final destination. Our goals may change over time, but one thing remains constant - all decisions are made with the best interests of people and the planet in mind.
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Eco-friendly Developments

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Invest Islands Foundation

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Sustainable Investments

Eco-friendly Developments

Invest Islands prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility in Indonesian real estate projects, aiming to minimize impact and actively support green initiatives. Our commitment to sustainable development sets a high standard for eco-friendly practices in the country.

As a company, Invest Islands is dedicated to building a better future for Indonesia and the world. Our focus on eco-friendly practices and sustainable development is just one way in which we are working towards this goal.

Invest Islands Foundation

The non-profit Invest Islands Foundation promotes sustainable development and social impact in Lombok and Sumbawa, Indonesia. They work with local and international organizations on environmental protection, education, community empowerment, and healthcare.

Marine and coastal environment conservation is a priority. Ecotourism and sustainable practices enhance local livelihoods and ecological equilibrium. To eliminate poverty and support sustainable growth, they promote quality education and vocational training in entrepreneurship, agriculture, and hospitality.

Sustainable Investments

Our sustainable land and property offerings in Indonesia prioritize conservation and local culture. With low-impact construction and eco-friendly materials, investors can contribute to environmental protection while capitalizing on the real estate market in emerging destinations like Lombok and Sumba.

The Five-Pillar Framework

for Sustainable Investment

Our sustainable international investment framework, built on five pillars, guides our mission and operations. Developed through research, advisory projects, and stakeholder engagement, it ensures ethical and responsible business practices while adapting to evolving needs and experiences.


Transparency in investments is essential for informed decision-making, involving open access to information, financial disclosures, compliance with regulations, and clear communication.

Human rights

Respect for human rights is essential for investment in Invest Islands. Responsible investment requires considering the human rights record of companies and supporting those that uphold them.


To protect Bali and Lombok's natural resources and the well-being of local communities, investors and developers should prioritize minimizing negative environmental impacts, adhering to regulations, and implempenting measures to promote sustainability.


Invest Islands prioritizes sustainability and high-quality, industry-standard upgrades. Customer support is a priority. They're ethical and legal. Invest Islands supports local economic and social development. They prioritize quality, sustainability, customer satisfaction, ethics, and community involvement.


Invest Islands is engaged in real estate development in Lombok & Sumba, committed to delivering high-quality properties that adhere to local regulations and satisfy buyers/investors. They may prioritize sustainable development practices and contribute to economic growth.

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