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With a presence in Hong Kong, and Indonesia, Invest Islands delivers a reputable and regulated avenue for investors to access premium real estate opportunities, bypassing the need for local nominees and maintaining a high standard of investment integrity.

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for Diverse Investors

Invest Islands specializes in secure and profitable investments in Indonesia's real estate market. Our expert team offers comprehensive support from project selection to legal due diligence, prioritizing sustainable development for the benefit of investors and local communities.

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A Wide Array of Services

You can count on Invest Islands to provide you with a full range of services to help you along your investing path. Every member of our team is here to serve you and make your investment experience as pleasant and profitable as possible.
Due Diligence

Evaluating business or assets to determine investment potential.

Legal and Tax Advice

Providing advice on legal and tax matters related to the investment.

PMA Company Formation

Establishing a foreign-owned company under Indonesian law.

Engineering Department

Designing and executing infrastructural developments.

Feasibility Studies

Assessing the practicality of proposed projects.

Contractor Search

Identifying and hiring professionals for construction and related works.

Hotel Operator Search (Perception)

Identifying potential hotel operators for management.

Design/Architecture Department

Designing and overseeing construction of buildings and spaces.

Land Surveying

Measuring and mapping the island's features to determine boundaries.


Studying earth's electrical properties to detect resources or assess safety.

Soil Test

Analyzing soil for composition, nutrient level, and pH for future developments.

Interior Design

Designing interior spaces for aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

Exterior Design

Designing exterior spaces for aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

Lombok investment

Secure Foreign

Land Ownership

Invest Islands simplifies international property investment by providing a secure and transparent framework that enables foreign ownership without the need for a local nominee. Our approach ensures direct ownership, by passing common restrictions and complexities in international real estate.


Villa Designs

Invest Islands works with end-users to create luxury developments that are practical, resourceful and sustainable, while remaining limitless in possibility and scope.
Villa in Lombok

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At Invest Islands, we offer personalized support to ensure a seamless investment experience. Across Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Australia, our team is here to help you explore property opportunities.

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