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Invest Islands welcomes you to Indonesia's captivating paradise, offering unparalleled opportunities to own and invest in land and real estate. Our adherence to international investment regulations ensures secure and exclusive opportunities.

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Invest Islands, established in 2015, is a leading player in Indonesia's real estate market. With a commitment to sustainability and robust returns, the company serves global investors with comprehensive services in Hong Kong, Lombok, and Bali, providing a secure investment journey.

Our vision is to find undervalued plots of land for our clients, meeting all the criteria developers look for, thereby creating an opportunity for substantial upside potential, whether you are an investor or looking to acquire your own place in paradise.








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Investor Services

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Land Investments

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Investor Services

With a presence in Hong Kong and Indonesia, Invest Islands delivers a reputable and regulated avenue for investors to access premium real estate opportunities, bypassing the need for local nominees and maintaining a high standard of investment integrity.

Land Investments

Discover Lombok and Sumba with Invest Islands. Profit from this rising market's touristic and infrastructural boom. Explore Indonesia's paradise for successful, sustainable investments with us.

Resort Projects

Discover luxurious villas and eco-friendly developments with expert guidance for sustainable growth. Unlock the potential of these island gems for extraordinary returns and long-term success.

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Investing in Indonesia

Indonesia, the fourth-most populous nation in the world and a rapidly expanding economic powerhouse, offers substantial investment opportunities in various industries.
Growing Consumer Market

Indonesia's 270+ million population and growing middle class fuel a strong consumer market, driving demand for diverse goods and services. This presents abundant opportunities for businesses in sectors like retail, technology, healthcare, and education.

Digital Economy Potential

Indonesia's digital economy thrives in Southeast Asia, particularly in e-commerce, ride-hailing, and fintech. Growing internet and smartphone usage offer businesses in the digital sector a prime opportunity to capitalize on this expanding market.

Strategic Location and Natural Resources

Indonesia's prime location in the Asia-Pacific region grants it a pivotal role in global trade. The nation's vast reserves of coal, minerals, palm oil, and natural gas create a favorable environment for industries such as mining, agriculture, and energy.

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At Invest Islands, we offer personalized support to ensure a seamless investment experience. Across Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Australia, our team is here to help you explore property opportunities.

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