Land Ownership
in Indonesia

To ensure safe and secure land ownership in Indonesia, Invest Islands has invested significant time and resources in establishing the correct legal structure to ensure full compliance with Indonesian foreign ownership laws and international investment regulations.

Legal Framework for

Land Titles and Property

Ownership in Indonesia

Understanding Indonesia's land tenure system is essential for individuals and organizations dealing with land matters. This overview explores key elements such as the Basic Agrarian Law (BAL), land ownership categories, and various land titles, providing a solid foundation for navigating Indonesian land-related issues.

Types of Property Ownership

hak milik
Right of Ownership

Hak Milik is the most comprehensive land title, granting full ownership rights, but it's limited to Indonesian citizens and controlled entities. Foreigners have restrictions on Hak Milik ownership, except in specific cases like certain investments.

hak pakai
Right to Use

This title grants the right to use and control land for residential or other specific purposes. It is typically granted for a period of 25 years and can be extended for another 20 years.

hak sewa

This is a land title based on a lease agreement, allowing the holder to use the land for a specified period.

hak guna bangunan
Right to Build

The HGB title is the most preferred and safest way for foreigners to own properties in Indonesia, and it offers several key advantages. Firstly, with the HGB title, foreigners gain full ownership rights over the land. This means they have control and can utilize the land according to their needs. Additionally, foreigners also acquire ownership of any buildings constructed on the land, providing them with security and control over their investments.





Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA)

This guide serves as an introduction to investing in Indonesia, particularly establishing a PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing). It covers corporate structures and the process of establishing a foreign investment company, providing insights into prerequisites and post-establishment expectations.

With our professional guidance and individualised service, the intricacies of Indonesian land ownership laws and regulations are simple to navigate and comprehend, making investment in one of the world's most idyllic locales straightforward and painless.

Investing in Indonesia through a corporation offers security, legal compliance, and peace of mind. Consultation with experienced professionals ensures a clear, long-term, and structured investment roadmap, providing foreign investors with the best solution for success and peace of mind.

Legal Guide to Tax Regulations

Indonesia's tax system covers personal income, corporate profits, sales, and more. It includes income tax, value-added tax (VAT), customs and excise duties, and real estate tax, ensuring compliance and revenue generation for the government.

The tax regulations in Indonesia regulate corporate tax obligations, such as income tax on profits, value-added tax on goods and services, and payroll taxes for employees. To avoid penalties and guarantee a smooth operation, compliance with these regulations is essential.

In this guide, we will examine the most essential aspects of Indonesian tax regulations, providing an overview of the country's tax system, its legal framework, and key considerations for individuals and businesses.


Your Visa Options

in Indonesia

Our "Guide to Understanding Your Visa Options in Indonesia" is the second installment of our comprehensive legal guide to investing in Indonesia. It provides an introduction to the numerous visas that are available. We discuss the purpose, requirements, validity, extension eligibility, and application process for each visa type.

The procedure of obtaining a visa in Indonesia is straightforward and can be completed on your own. Alternatively, you can hire an agent or attorney, which is more expensive but reduces time and tension.

Our personalized service and expert advice simplify Indonesia's immigration and visa laws, making land ownership in this idyllic location effortless. Trust us to navigate the intricate details and regulations, ensuring a seamless and painless experience.

Free or Paid Visit Visa on Arrival

Entry permits on arrival (Free/paid convenience)

Single Entry-Visit Visa

Business, And Social Cultural Visa

Limited-Stay Visa for Retirement

Retirement Kitas

Multiple-Visit Visa

Multiple-Entry Business Visa

Single-Visit Visa

Single-Entry Business Visa

Limited-Stay Visa for Foreign Investment

Investor Visa/Kitas (313 & 314)

Limited-Stay Visa for Working

Working Visa/Kitas (311 & 312)

Limited-Stay Visa for Spouses of Kitas Holders

Spouse Kitas

Limited-Stay Visa for Spouses of Indonesian Citizens

Spouse Kitas




Here are a few questions we are always asked by our clients.
What is Invest Islands?

Invest Islands is a leading property investment company with a dedicated focus on Indonesia's real estate market. Since 2015, we have been offering a full spectrum of services, encompassing due diligence, land acquisition, development, and management. Our commitment is to guide our clients on a secure and lucrative investment path.

What types of properties does Invest Islands offer?

Invest Islands specializes in a wide variety of properties in South Lombok, including luxury villas, beachfront land, ocean-view properties, and investment opportunities in this rapidly growing region of Indonesia.

How does Invest Islands ensure secure investments?

Invest Islands is committed to adhering to both international investment regulations and the regulatory framework established by the Indonesian government. We ensure full compliance with all relevant laws and guidelines, promoting transparency and accountability in our investment practices

How does Invest Islands assist investors with engineering works for their investment projects?

Invest Islands provides comprehensive assistance to investors for their engineering needs in investment projects. Our dedicated team of experts collaborates closely with investors, offering support in project planning, design, and implementation. From conducting feasibility studies to overseeing construction and ensuring compliance with local regulations, we streamline the engineering process to help investors achieve their project goals efficiently and effectively.

How can I inquire about investment opportunities with Invest Islands?

To inquire about investment opportunities, visit the Invest Islands website and fill out the contact form. You can also schedule a phone call with one of the company's Senior Managers at a time that suits you.

Can foreign investors own real estate in Indonesia through Invest Islands?

Yes, foreign investors can own real estate in Indonesia through Invest Islands. We facilitate property acquisition for international investors, ensuring compliance with Indonesian property laws and regulations. Our experienced team guides investors through the legal and administrative processes, making it accessible and secure for them to invest in Indonesian real estate.

Does Invest Islands collaborate with local communities and developers?

Yes, Invest Islands actively collaborates with local communities and developers. We believe in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to sustainable development in the regions where we operate. By working closely with local stakeholders, we aim to create positive economic and social impacts while aligning our projects with the needs and aspirations of the communities and developers in those areas.

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