Discover Rinjani National Park: Reopening for Adventure in April 2024

Exciting news from Rinjani National Park! As of April 1, 2024, both climbing and non-climbing spots are open for exploration. Discover the beauty of this natural wonder following safety guidelines.

Rinjani National Park has reopened its natural tourist destinations, including both climbing and non-climbing spots, from April 1,2024. This reopening follows a three-month closure from January 1 to March 31,2024.

Dedy Asriady, the Head of Rinjani National Park, noted that climbing tickets must be booked through the e-Rinjani application. Climbing visits to Rinjani are allowed for 4 days and 3 nights, with a quota of 100% of the normal visit quota across six designated climbing natural tourist destinations.

Visiting hours for climbing and service check-in are from07:00 to 15:00 WITA, with check-out by 24:00 WITA or through special confirmation with park officers.

The climbing routes in Rinjani National Park have specific quotas per day:

  • Senaru climbing route allows a maximum of 150 visitors per day.
  • Sembalun climbing route has a quota of 150 visitors per day.
  • Torean climbing route permits up to 100 visitors per day.
  • Aik Berik climbing route accommodates 100 visitors per day.
  • Timbanuh climbing route allows 100 visitors per day.
  • Tete Batu climbing route also allows 100 visitors per day.


Visits to non-climbing natural tourist destinations in Rinjani National Park adhere to General Guidelines based on the park's regulations.

All climbing activities in Rinjani National Park follow Revised II Climbing Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring safety and compliance with park regulations.

Penimbungan Waterfall, Torean

The announcement of Rinjani National Park's reopening was made during the Rinjani Begawe Festival, aimed at increasing public awareness of preserving the park and promoting responsible waste management practices within the circular economy concept in West Nusa Tenggara Province.


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