Lendang Dangar Savanna: A Grassland Paradise at the Foot of Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok has always been a magnet for hikers and tourists. For those who want to see the charm of the mountain in a different way, the Lendang Dangar Savanna is worth a visit. This vast grassland is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani.

Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok has always been a magnet for hikers and tourists. For those who want to see the charm of the mountain in a different way, the Lendang Dangar Savanna is worth a visit. This vast grassland is located at the foot of Mount Rinjani. The majestic beauty of the mountain, combined with the sprawling savanna, makes it an attractive option for a weekend getaway.

Lendang Dangar Savanna
Image Source: Jauza Aqilah

A Grassland Paradise

For first-time visitors, the savanna, located in Sambil Elen Village, Bayan Subdistrict, North Lombok, is often compared to the picturesque grasslands of Switzerland. The expansive fields, set against the backdrop of Mount Rinjani, create a scenic landscape that is perfect for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Camping in Lendang Dangar Savanna

This savanna is perfect for camping. Camping there is special, not only because of its vastness but also due to the "priceless" view of Mount Rinjani as a backdrop. Spending the night in Lendang Dangar's grasslands also offers a clear view of the Milky Way at night, an experience that is both magical and unforgettable. The Milky Way is clearly visible from the peak of Mount Rinjani, and its visibility from the savanna adds to the allure of camping here.

Lendang Dangar Savanna
Image Source: Jauza Aqilah

Spending the weekend camping here also provides an exciting experience. You can witness the sunrise in the morning. The sunrise appears from the northern side of Mount Rinjani, casting a golden hue over the savanna and creating a breathtaking sight.

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History and Development

The Lendang Dangar Savanna was first opened as a camping tourist destination in 2019. Initially, visitors were not charged an entrance fee. "In 2019, it wasn't yet a tourist area because it wasn't known as a camping spot. Now, many young people spend their holiday nights here," said a local resident.

Route and Accommodation

The route to Lendang Dangar, which is said to resemble the beautiful views of Switzerland, can be accessed via Bayan Subdistrict. The distance from the Bayan Subdistrict office is about 10 kilometers or approximately 50 kilometers from Mataram. From the Bayan Subdistrict office, tourists can head towards the Sambil Elen Village office via Jalan Raya Bayan. Before reaching the Sambil Elen Village office, tourists will find a sign on the left side of the road indicating the entrance to Lendang Dangar Hamlet.

Lendang Dangar Savanna
Image Source: Jauza Aqilah

Upon arriving in Lendang Dangar Hamlet, tourists will find the savanna tourism managers. There, tourists will be charged an entrance fee of Rp 15,000 per motorbike to enter the savanna area. After that, tourists will find the vast grasslands where they can set up their tents. Additionally, tourists can park their vehicles close to their camping spot. There's no need to worry, as local residents will guard the area to ensure the safety of tourists camping overnight.

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Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lendang Dangar is after the rainy season when the grass is freshly grown and the savanna appears green. The lush, verdant grasslands provide a perfect setting for outdoor activities and create an inviting environment for campers and day visitors alike.

Activities and Amenities

Tourists will also find several photo spots facing Mount Rinjani. Residents have also installed some seating and swings accessible to tourists, making it a family-friendly destination. Additionally, the management provides a wooden tower as a spot to enjoy the sunrise's beauty in Lendang Dangar Savanna. This tower offers a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and is an ideal place to capture the perfect sunrise photo.

Lendang Dangar Savanna

The area is well-maintained, with local residents playing a significant role in preserving the natural beauty and ensuring that visitors have a pleasant experience. The presence of these amenities and the active involvement of the community enhance the overall experience of visiting Lendang Dangar.

Why Visit Lendang Dangar Savanna?

Lendang Dangar Savanna offers a unique and refreshing alternative to the typical beach destinations in Lombok. Its natural beauty, combined with the tranquility of the grasslands and the stunning views of Mount Rinjani, make it a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience Lombok's diverse landscapes. Whether you are an avid camper, a nature lover, or simply looking for a peaceful retreat, Lendang Dangar Savanna has something to offer.

Tips for Visiting

  • Plan Your Trip: Make sure to check the weather forecast before planning your visit to ensure you experience the best of what the savanna has to offer.
  • Pack Essentials: Bring camping gear, sufficient water, and food supplies. Don't forget a camera to capture the stunning landscapes.
  • Respect Nature: Help preserve the beauty of the savanna by following the "Leave No Trace" principles. Dispose of your waste properly and respect the natural environment.
  • Engage with Locals: Take the opportunity to interact with the local residents. Their knowledge and stories can enrich your experience and provide deeper insights into the area.


Lendang Dangar Savanna is a hidden gem at the foot of Mount Rinjani, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Its expansive grasslands, stunning views, and opportunities for camping and stargazing make it an ideal destination for a memorable getaway. Plan your visit to this grassland paradise and experience the serene beauty of Lombok from a different perspective.

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