Discover Belongas Bay: A Hidden Gem for Avid Divers in Lombok

Belongas Bay in Lombok, Indonesia, is celebrated for its challenging dive sites such as the Magnet and the Cathedral, attracting experienced divers with its strong currents and rich marine life. This secluded destination offers breathtaking underwater adventures with diverse dive spots suitable for all skill levels. Known for its dramatic landscapes and encounters with large marine species, Belongas Bay remains a top choice for thrill-seeking divers.

Welcome to Belongas Bay: Lombok's Best Kept Secret for Experienced Divers

Nestled on the southern shores of Lombok, Belongas Bay Diving offers a unique retreat for seasoned divers seeking extraordinary underwater adventures. Known for its challenging dive sites, particularly the renowned Magnet and the Cathedral, the bay is celebrated for its powerful currents, encounters with large marine species, and dramatic underwater landscapes.

Despite its remote location, accessible via a rugged path winding through picturesque villages and over hilly terrains, the journey to Belongas Bay promises a rich reward for those daring to explore its depths.

belongas bay
Hummer head Shark, Magnet point - Belongas bay

The Magnet: A Dive Site for the Daring

Widely acknowledged as one of Indonesia’s premier dives pots, the Magnet is notorious for its thrilling underwater conditions. This offshore pinnacle plunges about 80 metres and is famed for its robust currents and unexpected downdrafts. These elements help attract impressive marine life such as schooling hammerheads, barracudas, tunas, and mobular rays, offering a pulse-racing experience for adventurous divers.

belongas bay
Manta ray at Magnet point - Belongas bay

The Cathedral: An Underwater Spectacle

Located to the east of the Magnet, the Cathedral is another illustrious dive site in Belongas Bay Diving. Divers can explore a massive cave at 40 metres depth, enveloped by schooling pelagics in a starkly beautiful underwater setting. The site's exposure to natural elements further enhances its unique allure.

belongas bay
Belongas bay dive spot

Diverse Diving at Belongas Bay

Beyond these intense spots, Belongas Bay caters to divers of all proficiency levels with sites like Gili Sarang and Coral Gardens. Positioned near the bay's entrance, these sites boast rich marine life, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral ecosystems.

belongas bay
Coral garden - Belongas bay

Accommodations Bay at Belongas

Options for accommodation in this secluded area are limited, with Belongas Bay Lodge serving as the primary option. While basic, the lodge offers clean rooms and comfortable beds. However, guests are advised to bring their own snacks, as local shops are few.

belongas bay
Belongas bay - Lombok

Best Time to Dive

The ideal diving season at Belongas Bay begins in August, with hammerhead sightings most frequent between August and November. Planning your visit during this peak period is essential, as the conditions can be quite challenging for novice divers.

belongas bay

Exploring Beyond the Depths

The allure of Lombok extends beyond its diving opportunities. The island boasts a rich cultural heritage, with numerous temples, markets, and traditional villages to explore. Culinary adventurers can savour local dishes like Ayam Taliwang and Plecing Kangkung. Moreover, the nearby Gili Islands provide exquisite beaches, exceptional snorkelling, and lively nightlife.

Gili gede
Gili Gede - Lombok


Though somewhat remote, Belongas Bay is an extraordinary destination for experienced divers seeking challenging adventures and breathtaking underwater vistas. With its captivating marine environments and diverse island activities, Belongas Bay remains Lombok’s best-kept secret for an unforgettable visit.

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