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Invest Islands welcomes you to Indonesia's captivating paradise, offering unparalleled opportunities to own and invest in land and real estate. Our adherence to international investment regulations ensures secure and exclusive opportunities.

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In the heart of South Lombok, Invest Islands unveils a world where exclusive lifestyle meets robust investment prospects. Amidst this rapidly growing haven, untouched by Bali's congestion and saturation, we cater to those who value discretion, understated luxury, and the intrinsic beauty of nature. Our villas, designed to meet Western standards, offer a seamless blend with the surrounding paradise, promising investors not only a refuge but a significant appreciation of both value and lifestyle.








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At Invest Islands, we present an exquisite collection of villa designs and visionary projects, each curated to embody the pinnacle of luxury living. Explore our off-the-shelf designs and off-plan opportunities, where every detail is tailored to harmonize with the breathtaking beauty of Lombok.
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Villa Designs

Off-Plan Projects

Villa Designs

Our approach to design is built on the foundation of personalized excellence, ensuring that each creation is a masterpiece tailored to your desires. From breathtaking villas inspired by diverse architectural styles to luxurious retreats that embrace the essence of nature, our portfolio showcases a range of exceptional designs.

Off-Plan Projects

Explore our exceptional resort projects, each offering a unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and cultural richness. Discover the world of possibilities that await you at Gran Meliá Lombok, Mandala Eco-Village, TerraKuta and Aura Prabu.
Comprehensive Excellence

From Land Sourcing to Bespoke Management

Rigorous Due Diligence

Every investment opportunity undergoes thorough scrutiny, ensuring your peace of mind with investments grounded in security and potential.

Secure Foreign Ownership Titles

We guarantee secure and legally compliant ownership titles, making your investment journey smooth and secure.

Integrated Basic Infrastructure

Our commitment extends to providing essential infrastructure, ensuring each development is equipped with roads, water, and electricity, setting the stage for luxury living grounded in practicality and sustainability.

Comprehensive Development Services

From the initial vision to the final unveiling, our comprehensive development journey engages every essential discipline, ensuring our valued clients benefit from the expertise of our engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, legal team, business development managers, and a host of dedicated professionals.

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Every question is a step closer to your dream villa. Find the answers to embark on your TerraKuta adventure.
What is the process for foreign ownership of property in Lombok?

Owners can opt for Hak Milik if they are Indonesians nationals, or if they are foreigners and want to own it as a freehold under company can do that via PT PMA company, established on their own, if they’re foreigners, and want to have it under their company in Indonesia, without need for local nominees, alternatively they can own it via renewable leasehold. - in principle is better to address the ownership type with the Legal team of Invest Islands in order to be directed towards the best form of ownership for them based on their needs and requirements. The ownership is hassle free for foreigners, but to navigate the intricacies and do things legally always educate yourself and seek legal advisory.

How does the milestone payment structure work?

TerraKuta's milestone payment structure is designed for your financial convenience, beginning with a 10% deposit to secure your villa. As construction progresses, payments are split into phases: 40% is due when construction starts, followed by another 40% payment at the structural completion phase. The final 10% is paid upon handover when the villa construction is completed. This phased approach aligns your investment with construction milestones, ensuring transparency and financial planning ease throughout the development of your new luxury villa.

Are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

The list price for each TerraKuta villa includes all the necessary permits, landscaping, ownership taxes, notarial fees, and VAT, ensuring a transparent purchasing process. However, additional costs arise when selecting the loose furniture package and the Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E), as these are tailored to personal preferences and budget. TerraKuta offers off-the-shelf furniture packages priced at $16,000 for the 2-bedroom and $9,000 for the 1-bedroom villa, encompassing everything required to start living in or renting out the villa.

What is the estimated return on investment (ROI) for a TerraKuta villa?

The TerraKuta villa investment offers promising returns. For a 2-bedroom villa, you're looking at an average yearly ROI of 14.11%, with the potential to reach up to 17.2% depending on the average daily rate (ADR). The payback period is conservatively estimated at 7.6 years, with a 10-year ROI projection of 141%. These estimates are based on comprehensive financial models that include all associated costs and projected revenues. For exact figures and personalized advice, we recommend consulting with a financial advisor.

How can I manage my property if I'm not residing in Indonesia?

TerraKuta recognizes the needs of international owners, offering versatile property management solutions. When you're away, our partners at Lagoon Properties Management can oversee your villa with a western standards and data-driven approach, ensuring optimal ADR, marketing, and booking performance. Owners are welcome to choose other management services or handle rentals independently if they prefer. This flexibility ensures that your investment continues to yield returns, regardless of where you reside.

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