Investing in Lombok

Explore the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and promising growth that make Lombok a hotspot for smart investors. At Invest Islands, we're your guides to uncovering the most extraordinary opportunities in the southern region of Lombok. Join us on a journey of discovery, financial gain, and sustainable growth.

Discover the Enchanting

Beauty of Lombok

Immerse yourself in Lombok's allure, where pristine beaches meet lush forests and majestic volcanoes. Experience the serenity of "Bali's tranquil twin" and its authentic culture that beckons travelers seeking untouched splendor.

Lombok's tourism industry is booming, and you can be part of its growth story. Explore the untouched beauty that's attracting travelers seeking an escape from the ordinary.

Explore the New Bali

Lombok to have the fastest growing tourism market in the region and development has quickened in recent years courtesy of a new international airport catering to overseas visitors from Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Various private and government-backed resort projects have opened for business, while more are in the pipeline.

Lombok offers a rare chance for investors to buy into a market that is on a steep upward curve, yet remains accessibly priced. And with much of the land largely undeveloped, the only limitation is your imagination.

Why Invest in Lombok?

Strategic Location

Positioned adjacent to the popular tourist destination Bali, Lombok is emerging as an enticing investment hub. With Bali's congestion, investors are turning to Lombok's distinct character, creating a wave of opportunities.

Economic Growth

Lombok's commitment to infrastructure development is evident. Discover how government support and a thriving economy create a fertile ground for your investments to flourish.

Untapped Potential

Uncover Lombok's hidden gems – from pristine coastlines perfect for resorts, to lush interior landscapes ideal for eco-retreats. Tap into this unexplored potential before it's too late.

Shaping the Future

The Mandalika Project

The development of the US$3billion Mandalika Resort in Kuta Bay, South Lombok, is a major driver in increasing land values. Mixing natural beauty with cultural authenticity and international attractions, Mandalika promises to to become one of Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations in the coming years.

Witness the Mandalika Project's ambitious goal of transforming Lombok's southern coast into a sustainable international tourist haven. Discover how luxury resorts, cultural immersion, and thrilling outdoor activities intertwine to create an unparalleled destination.

Prime Real Estate

Delve into Invest Islands' curated selection of prime properties. From coastal resorts to rice terraces interiors, find the perfect investment opportunity tailored to your aspirations.

Prime Real Estate

Delve into Invest Islands' curated selection of prime properties. From coastal resorts to rice terraces interiors, find the perfect investment opportunity tailored to your aspirations.
Your Gateway to Unique Opportunities

Ongoing Projects

Gran Meliá

Mandala Eco-Village

Aura Prabu

Gran Melia Lombok

Sprawled across 120,000 m2 and set at the foot of a stepped hillside, the Gran Meliá Lombok is a game-changer for Indonesia's Lombok island: the first beachfront project of its size on the southern coast.

Mandala Eco-Village

Mandala Eco-Village aims to establish a sustainable community that cherishes both the planet and its residents. By embracing rewilded nature, renewable energy, rainwater collection, and a zero-waste objective, the village encourages people from all over the world to reconnect with nature.

Aura Prabu

Step into a world of innovative design, artisan craftsmanship, and exceptional service with Aura Prabu. Experience the allure of our spacious 1-2-3 bedroom villas, spanning an expansive 150m2, adorned with a blend of tropical chic and captivating Mediterranean-inspired designs.

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Financial Potential

Equip yourself with knowledge through our comprehensive market studies. Gain a deeper understanding of Lombok's evolving real estate landscape and make informed investment decisions.

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